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How many of us simply want to see real profits from our passion and effort? Have you ever felt tired of being a SOLOpreneur – doing too much of it alone? Maybe you’re frustrated that you’re working hard and not seeing the results you want. Maybe you’re sick of singing your message to an empty stadium. I get it. I’ve been there.

It doesn’t have to be that way! My September 2013 GREATful WOMAN Talks!™ TeleSummit grew my list from 70 to almost 3000 in six (6) weeks, paid for itself, and invoked testimonials that melted my heart.

I learned how with TeleSummits – done right – you can get the results you desire:

  • You can feel heard and supported with a list of thousands that is engaged, resonates with your message, and invests in themselves by investing in you!
  • In addition to the confidence you’ll get as you unapologetically live your passion, you will have the financial security and freedom of multiple income streams – working where and when you want!
  • Being a solopreneur is a thing of the past, as you build a network of partners that you can stand shoulder-to-shoulder in passion and profit!

When I decided to this thing called a “TeleSummit” (i.e. an audio “summit” of experts coming together for a communally-promoted on-line event) in March 2013, I had three goals

  1. Really grow my list, from 70 (yes, 70) to at least 2500+. My coaches told me 300 opt-ins would mean a success. Thank goodness I ignored that! Forget organic growth; I wanted to Miracle-grow it!
  2. Position myself as the “GREATful WOMAN” expert by letting the gladiators around me (such as Lisa Nichols, Christine Kloser and Pam Hendrickson) help me spread the word.
  3. Create a viable, money-making, fiscally responsible business with GREATful Woman that I could do anywhere in the world.

Spoiler Alert — They all came true!

Being new to the entrepreneur world, I had not been exposed to the array of crappy (or maybe we just say “less-than-professional”) TeleSummits out there. I just knew that I wanted to respect my amazing speakers and future tribe by creating a world-class event. I could not suppress my 20+ years of Project leadership, organization and communication that went into action to create the TeleSummit that I would want to attend, invest in, speak at, and host… and that seems to have made all the difference.

Before, during and after my TeleSummit, so many people (including many of the speakers) wanted to learn how I created this quality event. As MML taught us, I listened and took action! I deconstructed how I had such success where others don’t. My goal was to effectively share every method, tool, bit of copy, template, success and learning, to ensure my clients have even better success than I had! I created TeleSummit Success™ and lots of ways to play.

Maybe TeleSummits are right for your business and maybe they aren’t. I won’t know until I can speak with you about your business. So, for all of my serious entrepreneurs, I would like to gift you with a personal Discovery Call with me to see if TeleSummits (done right) are a good fit for your company to miracle-grow your list, money and expert credibility.


What are other saying about Stephanie Bavaro and TeleSummit Success™?

  GREATfulWOMANTalks-ChristineKloser“I’ve been invited to speak for more tele-summits than I can count, and I’ve run multi-speaker online events since 2006 (before they were popular). I know a lot about running a summit, and I decline most invitations because the hosts are often unorganized, and unsure of what they’re doing… especially first-timers! But when Stephanie Bavaro invited me to be a part of her GREATful WOMAN Talks I had to say YES! Her invitation was the most thorough I’ve ever seen, her organization and management skills are impeccable and her relationship building skills are top notch. She made it easy to say yes, and I was so impressed with her professionalism I even asked her to help me up-level my own online event!”
~ Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst”
ReneeWiggins-TSS-Testimonial“Wow, what a coaching/training session. Very professional, organized, detailed (didn’t miss a trick), and highly productive. Thanks Stephanie! I cannot wait to produce my Telesummit. You will hear from me again. I appreciate the training and you sharing your love and time.”
~ Renee Wiggins 
GREATfulWOMANTalks-LisaNicholsGREATfulWOMANTalks-SusieCarder“Stephanie was organized, systematized and made the Telesummit effortless to participate in. She hosted a world-class event with excellence!  You don’t want to miss learning everything you can from her!  Genius…”  
~ Susie Carder, President Motivating the Masses (Lisa Nichol’s company)

 About Stephanie Bavaro…


Stephanie Bavaro is CEO of StephanieB LLC and a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) with over 25 years experience in Project Leadership, Process Optimization, and Training development. Now she turns her professional talents to her passion – including serving serious entrepreneurs, done with organic growth, who are ready to miracle-grow their lists, money and expert credibility with Telesummit Success™!

In September 2013, Stephanie held the transformational TeleSummit, GREATful Woman® Talks!™ — Celebrating all that we are from our bodies to the bedroom, from our babies to the boardroom.  With this event, she created her own brand of Telesummit that grew her list from 70 to almost 3000 in six (6) weeks. In less than a year, Stephanie used this as a springboard to implement six (6) streams of income and for Stephanie to enjoy her first five-figure week. In Spring 2014, Stephanie won the “Rising Star Award” from the Radical Success Institute and a Product Creation Excellence award from MakeMarketLaunchIT.

Now, An award-winning entrepreneur and certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Stephanie is a Virtual Executive, providing executive leadership consulting to successful entrepreneurs and small businesses ready to build their brand and optimize their processes, systems and communications, including her award-winning TeleSummit Success™ Do-It-YourSelf Kit (

A #1 International best-selling author, Stephanie sold the GREATful brand (including GREATful Woman®) in 2018 (partially from the success of her TeleSummit!!!), but continues to share juicy insights from brilliant transformational leaders with her GREATful Woman Talks! ( Her latest budding passion is exploring Living SWELL™ (Safe, Worthy, Enough, Loved & Lovable) at

Of course, she always loves to mentor her ideal client in their Telesummit Success™ with a hands-on all-access-pass to her secrets, systems and templates to Telesummits – done right!


To your success — Stephanie Bavaro