GREATful Brand Status

Hello GREATful Woman® community, dedicated to a life of confidence, joy and success — on your term.

Many people have asked me for an update on GREATful Woman® and the GREATful brand, so I will respectfully summarize here. Feel free to CONTACT ME with questions or love and support! First, I apologize that I have gone a bit radio silent. I admit that with the sale of GREATful Woman® and then what happened (well, didn’t happen), I felt a bit embarrassed, even though I know I have done everything in love and integrity.

A little history — As you may know, Tina Brinkley Potts bought the GREATful brands (including GREATful Woman®) in February 2018 (with a signed legal agreement, of course). You may have seen her social media posts since last February or her 17-minute Facebook live on May 28, 2018 detailing her plan for the GREATful brand (also included at the bottom of this page or at

In February 2018, Tina requested immediate access to all GREATful artifacts to create a package to sell to her market, using GREATful Woman® as the model. Since I had known her for years, I trusted her word. I organized and provided her with every artifact and access point, such as the GREATful Woman® Talks! (audio, transcripts, website) & the latest GREATful Woman® Talks! book (Volume 2), the CRM email/contact list (over 3000), the GREATful Woman® trademark, and all GREATful websites, branding materials, social media access, etc.

Sadly, Tina Brinkley Potts (and TBP, Inc.) never paid for the GREATful brand, breaching the contract. 🙁 

Tina is in possession/access of/to all of the GREATful artifacts from the agreement (except the domains). Tina has only ever communicated her repeated intention to use and to pay for the brand, per the agreement. You may have seen the leadership transition email to the GREATful community in April 2018 (included below). After we sent that email, I even deleted the GREATful list from my aWeber because that is the right thing to do.

After an ignored demand letter in November, I’m now (reluctantly) gathering the legal team to simply have her meet the terms of the agreement.

It breaks my heart because I loved the GREATful brand and wanted to see it soar.
It’s sad to see something so beautiful and created with such love be abused.

I continue to send light and love to Tina Brinkley Potts and pray for an effortless resolutions. Following remuneration (per the Feb 2018 agreement and May 2018 amendment), I look forward to her taking the GREATful brand to the stars!

Please understand that I am forever grateful and adore the GREATful Woman® community. I will never let Tina’s lack of integrity tarnish all of the GREATful gifts you and this experience have given to me and to others!

As always, I send you light and love and HUGS!!! — Stephanie Bavaro

P.S. Here is the letter that went out to everyone April 3, 2018 (Click here to see the Facebook post): 

Hello, my dear GREATful friends. Many of you have reached out to me or may have noticed a new energy and forward movement in GREATful Woman®, after a somewhat quiet period. I wanted to take a moment to share with you what has evolved within me, Stephanie Bavaro, and the EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT with the GREATful brand.

First. please know that I love love love the GREATful community and YOU. It has been a joy to provide a haven for women and men to find confidence, joy and success — on your terms!

We started with a BANG of ˜3000 people who opt’d into our first event, GREATful Woman® Talks! TeleSummit in September 2013 (wow!, almost five years ago). We dove immediately into our #1 International Best Seller, GREATful Woman® Talks! Volume 1 – Giving From Your Overflow Starts with Self-Care!, 80+ GREATful Woman® Talks! (, bling t-shirts and water bottles with GREATful Gear (, and the award winning TeleSummit Success™ Do-It-Yourself Kit (

In 2014, the universe felt I was ready to handle a series of challenging events impacting my family, trust, love, home in Italy, health, and finances. After a bit of down time, I started to rebuild my life, always with the foundation of the GREATful Woman core values — confidence, joy and success — on my terms! I realized that my professional joy is in making things better, smarter, faster. I don’t get as much joy in actually creating or leading the thing, as I do making things more effective.

What became clear is that the GREATful brand (GREATful Life, GREATful Woman®, GREATful Love, GREATful Health, GREATful Fortune, GREATful Days, etc.) needed a leader at the helm who could take the brand where it was meant to go. I knew I had been a good surrogate mom for a magnificent GREATful child, but someone else needed to grow this brand up to the international powerhouse it was meant to be.

So, after a quiet (and unadvertised) two-year search, the universe delivered the woman who will take the entire GREATful Experience to the next level and beyond.

GREATful Community — Meet the brilliant and beautiful Tina Brinkley Potts, the new owner and CEO of GREATful Experiences, LLC, for all GREATful brands, including GREATful Woman®!!! It’s Tina’s plan to expand the GREATful vision and turn the brand into a digital and traditional media, apparel and information products company. She has personally developed with a team of developers their own network of tv and radio shows digitally across all artificial intelligence devices and the GREATful brand will become part of that. Tina has already secured a deal to get the first book GREATful Woman Talks Volume 1: Giving From Your Overflow Begins With Self-Care into physical book stores across the United States. She is also launching Volume 2 in April 2018 AND a deal creating a GREATful branded product for a female business association with over 5000 members.

I’ll remain on as the host of the GREATful Woman® channel, as your GREATful StoryTeacher. Plus, I will support Tina behind the scenes, doing what a truly love, being a Virtual Executive to her epic GREATful vision.

For those who want to know what else is going on in my life… I’m in a wonderful place. My precious furbaby, Regi, and I love living in Scottsdale, Arizona (well, for 10 months of the year). I’ve created a life of financial (and time) freedom. My health is strong and getting better each day. Also, I recently started sharing my life with a loving (and sexy) man. Professionally, I still consult (when and for whom I want), including the TeleSummit Success™ Do-It-Yourself Kit. As a “Virtual Executive”, I support successful entrepreneurs and small businesses who are ready to invest in making their businesses smarter, better, faster, and more predictable. And lastly, about a month ago, I had a vision of something I currently call “Living SWELL”, and you will hear more about that soon.

As always, I send you light, love and hugs! With that said, I respectfully and wholeheartedly hand the GREATful reigns over to Tina Brinkley Potts.

— celebrating the sale of the GREATful Brand! with Tina Brinkley Potts.

Here is the video from May 28, 2018 with Tina’s words on where she is taking the GREATful brand.