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  1. New Customer & Associate On-Boarding
  2. IsaBusiness: PROSPECTS Management
  3. IsaBusiness: General
  4. IsaBusiness: Compensation
  5. IsaProducts
  1. New Customer & Associate On-Boarding
    1. : MEMBER LOGIN (top right) with the UserID/ Password you created during enrollment
    2. Isagenix COOKBOOK (Simple Recipes, Your Best Results) – free online book!
    3. Shake Days: (.png)
    4. Cleanse Days: (.png)
    5. Cleanse Days: Article: All You Need to know about Isagenix Cleanse Days! 🙂
    6. Hangover Helper: (.png)
    7. (For your Inspiration): IsaFYI is your home, where you can come to learn about and be inspired to partake in the Isagenix lifestyle. We’re the experts in nutrition, fitness, and empowerment – but mostly, we’re here to help you find your healthy, happy place.
    8. Isagenix EVENTS page ( website
    9. Isagenix PROMOTIONS — Save! Save! Save! (and share the discounts with your team)
    10. Download the IsaLife App onto your phone! It is a (free) critical tool for IsaLiving and IsaBusiness.
    11. REASON TO STAY ON AUTOSHIP: 1) No minimum purchase, 2) can be pushed out 60 days (at a time… you can keep moving it), and 3) provides the most savings on systems and paks (gets you an additional 5-10% discount when on Autoship). CLICK HERE to see the difference in the pricing (first two columns).
    12. Sharing Isageinx with HEART! Video from Zach Slobin(6 minutes).
    13. CUSTOMER Social Media
      1. #BeSetFree: The person who enrolled you should add you (and introduce you) to the Cepeda-Team CUSTOMER/PRODUCT-focused Facebook Group: Be Set Free #BSF (Happy Healthy People) Facebook group. Stay connected to this group to find inspiration, support and encouragement along your journey!
    14. ASSOCIATE registration: From your Member Login at, click the large blue associate graphic box on the bottom left of the page.
    15. ASSOCIATE: Enroll in INTERNATIONAL Sponsorship (for Associates) to be able to get international BV volume and to be able to enroll and earn BV from people outside your home country.
    16. The Six (6) touch points in first 30-days with people you enroll!
      1. Add yourself to the Isagenix Business Facebook Group
      2. Register at to get all the latest#BeSetFree Life news, information and support from the Cepeda team!!
      3. TEXT PattyC TO 95577 to receive #BeSetFree Text Updates
      4. #BeSetFree Biz: When you become an ASSOCIATE, the person who enrolled you should add you (and introduce you) to the Cepeda-Team BUSINESS-focused Facebook group: BSF BIZ Facebook Group. Stay connected to this secret group to support people that are building their Isagenix Business under the leadership of Herb and Patty Cepeda, Isagenix Millionaires and #1 Income Earners!!
    18. 01.28.19 – Lauren Simms – Creating Consultants:
    19. Useful Associate PDFs (e.g. great summary 1 or 2 pagers)
      1. New Member Checklist: 
      2. US New Member Form:
      3. Share Sheet
      4. Roadmap to Success — Your Path with Purpose:
      5. You Share, They Share, Repeat Script
      6. The Gig Economy:
      7. Sharing on Social Media
      8. Sharing your story:
      9. IsaLifeSuccess Plan:
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    21. NEXT Up: IsaBusiness: Prospect Management!
  2. IsaBusiness: PROSPECTS Management
    1. 2019 IsaLife Success Planner (PDF)
    2. Tools
      1. Isagenix Design Studio (for images):
    3. Spreadsheets/ Forms
      1. Daily IPA Tracking Log (editable PDF):
      2. Daily IPA Tracking Log (XLS):
      3. Isagenix Leader In Action (LIA, editable PDF)
      4. Rapid Crystal Reset 90-Day Plan:
    4. Scripts
      1. How to Invite to Events:
      2. Introductions to Cold & Warm Market:
      3. Jessica Reigner Scripts:
      4. PK Scripts:
      5. Past, Present, Future Techniques:
      6. The First six (6) Touches by PK:
      7. Chris Harder $20 day/$10 Day closing script:
      8. Hilari Courtney – You Share They Share (note, this may need some clean up) –
    5. Videos/Audio’s to share (product and business)
      1. — I created my own page with the IsaMovie at the top and Isagenix “Business of the Future” below it. You could create your own page with these two URLs — or whichever you like
      2. IsaMovie (~11 min) –
      3. Isagenix Business – Financial Wellness (2 videos: 14 min + 5 min)
      4. What is Network Marketing vs MLM and HOW Isagenix got it RIGHT! (Susan Miller Audio on YourTube):
      5. BUILDING YOUR TEAM: You Share, They Share, Repeat video (~6 min) 
      6. Your Ideal Life Opportunity video (~33-min) by CeCe President & Andrea Henkart’s
      7. Isagenix Business video (~6.5 min) from Isagenix
      8. What is Isagenix? What makes it different? video (~4 min) 
      9. Naturopath Jen Jeffries on why she loves Isagenix video (~11 min)
      10. Skeptical Doctor shares about Isagenix (~12 min)
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  3. IsaBusiness: General
    1. Isagenix Business website
    2. Evernote on How to Support Your New Customer from CeCe President
    3. CUSTOMER Product Introduction REWARDS for Customers (NOT ASSOCIATES) who enroll people (these are a thank you because Customers don’t get PIBs, BV, cycles, etc.). 
    4. ASSOCIATE Product Introduction BONUSes (PIBs) doc (clarifying active income and how to DOUBLE your PIBs)
    5. INTERNATIONAL Sponsorship (what countries are we in?)
    6. PRICE LISTS (across countries)
    7. 2018 US-English PriceList doc
    8. Isagenix Compliance website
    9. Isagenix Events website
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    11. NEXT Up: IsaBusiness: Compensation!
  4. IsaBusiness: Building & Compensation
    1. BUILDING YOUR TEAM: You Share, They Share, Repeat video (~6 min) 
    2. 2018 US COMPENSATION PLAN document
    3. Product Introduction Bonuses (PIBs) document (clarifying active income and how to DOUBLE your PIBs)
    4. Fantastic COMPENSATION BREAKDOWN Video from Youngest Isagenix Millionaire (~15 min)
    5. Zack & Eden Compensation Plan Overview video (~14 min)
    6. Why Network Marketers Choose Isagenix (~8 min)
    7. Isagenix Wealth Creation – Fast-Track to Executive website
    8. Compensation Plan Training with Jim Coover video (~37 min)
    9. Maximizing the Isagenix Compensation Plan video: (scroll down to the video titled ‘Maximizing the Isagenix Compensation Plan’)
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    11. NEXT Up: IsaProduct Support!
  5. IsaProduct Support
    1. IsaProduct website: 
    2. PRODUCT GUIDES (across countries), including product descriptions & ingredients.
    3. 2018 US Product Guide, including product descriptions & ingredients.
    4. Understanding Isagenix QUALITY website. Isagenix does not use chemicals, additives, fillers, soy, etc etc. They would rather remove a product from the market if they cannot get an ingredient that fits our “No Compromise” motto.
    5. Isagenix ALLERGENS by product, Great resource for people with food allergy concerns, remembering there are NO chemicals, NO artificial anything (colors/flavors), NO additives and NO Soy.
    6. Sugar Smarts: How Sugar Is Used Purposefully in Isagenix Products article
    7. Isagenix and Additives articleThis article was written November 2017, but it’s still helpful. Some of the ingredients listed below have been removed to make our products even better! 🙂
    8. Understanding DAIRY-FREE IsaLean SHAKES site
    9. 25 Most Asked Questions (FAQ) website
    10. Isagenix HEALTH website
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