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Hi. I am Stephanie Bavaro of Virtual2IC (i.e. Virtual Second In Command) Executive Business Consulting/ Coaching. We partner with successful entrepreneurs and small-business owners ready to invest in themselves for time & resource freedom alongside predictable success. I drive your mission to your vision, integrating select BNI expertise when helpful. Armed with decades of corporate & entrepreneurial success, I’m your Swiss-Army-Knife COO for hire!  #UPGRADE

Whether you need to grow, streamline, get clarity, pivot, speed up or slow down, Virtual2IC partners with you to ensure your highest vision is clear and met with the most effective and elegant solution. I live to make your life easier while your business thrives.

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Overall, here’s how Virtual2IC works…

Here is an overview of the process, the most important thing to see if that this starts with the Virtual2IC Questionnaire  and us booking time for a free Discovery Session.

Pivot With Purpose

When we work together, the first place we will get clarity is with your life/ company and/or project Purpose, Core Values, Vision & Mission. So, Whether you need to grow, streamline, get clarity, pivot, speed up or slow down, to start, Let’s Pivot With Purpose (we can do this 121 or in a class setting — your choice). This work will be the ballast preventing us from capsizing, and the star(s) that we navigate to success by… CLICK HERE to check it out.. 

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Here are some highlights the have helped shape me as your Virtual2IC. :

  • 1988: Graduated 1st in Computer Science (2nd major in Math), Tulane School of Engineering
  • 1988-2000 Nortel | 2000-2008: AOL – 20 years corporate Software Dev, Training, Processes and Project Management (certified PMP® since 1990). Finished corporate career as the Head of Projects for AOL-Europe Technology out of our west London office. 🙂
  • 2008: Started StephanieB Consulting initially consulting for large companies, such as Fannie Mae, European Directories, SnapFish, plus select entrepreneurs (by personal referral only).
  • 2013: LaunchedGREATful Woman® & GREATful Woman® Talks! TeleSummit (3000 ppl)
  • 2014: Released #1 International Best Selling GREATful Woman® Talks! Book & award-winning TeleSummit Success LMS
  • 2018: Sold GREATful Woman® & StephanieB LLC consulting took off (referral only)
  • 2019: Asked to join The Great Discovery (Six Sigma) launch as a coach.
  • 2020: Launched the Virtual2IC brand, although I have been doing this consulting on my own since 2008. Joined BNI Paragon, to serve BNI Arizona and the valley community at the highest level.

Click here for a two-page summary (under development) of my experience, skills and some ways we can partner together. Everything is a conversation, so please don’t assume anything based on the snapshot you see!

Testimonials & Recommendations

I look forward to connecting, — Stephanie Bavaro, PMP