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Every time we use the words ‘snowflakes this’ or ‘Trumpsters that’ or ‘they’ anything, we feed the destructive divide.
Every time we judge difference (gender, race or any orientation) as lesser or worse, we feed the destructive divide.

In this destructive divide, our hate, finger-pointing, judgment, anger, blame, and compare & despair thrive.
In this destructive divide, we rely on fear-based differences to find ego-based superiority.
In this destructive divide, we indulge our inner brutality when shrouded in anonymity — real or online.
In this destructive divide, we forget that we are HUMANS FIRST.

Let us remember — Humans are one creature living on a planet, orbiting a sun within an infinite universe.
Let us remember — Humans are more similar than we will ever be different.
Let us remember — Humans are more connected than the destructive divide could ever hope to sever.

With the GIFT of being HUMAN comes great RESPONSIBILITY.

Every word we say and every action we take either
LOVEs, builds up, and helps — feeding our UNIVERSAL CONNECTION
      Or hates, breaks down, and hurts – feeding the destructive divide…

We are HUMANS FIRST and with the gift of being human  —  the GIFT of HUMANITY — comes the RESPONSIBILITY to be loving, kind and respectful to the earth and all living things.

Please let us mend the destructive divide, healing our UNIVERSAL CONNECTION.

Please let us remember… We are HUMANS FIRST!             

~Stephanie Bavaro, June 2018


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Hugs — Stephanie